Middle Fork River Expeditions

Yoga River Trips on the Salmon River in Idaho

Come and join us this summer for some Yoga on the Middle Fork Salmon and the Main Salmon. Meg Ellsworth will lead the yoga every morning and evening, as well as lead some meditation as well, both seated and walking meditation. Yoga is a great way to open up to the wilderness on the river trip. The flow of the form of the body FLOWs like the river. Doing yoga on the river can be a transformative experience.

A little bit about the Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Meg Ellsworth
As a teacher of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga and Vipassana Meditation, Meg Ellsworth’s approach to yoga asana both grounds and opens students to the energetic experience of the practice. With an emphasis on process and focus on clarifying intention, Meg weaves sequences together that allow for exploration in postures and necessary time for meditation.

Meg has been a student of Yoga since 1995, training extensively with Sarah Powers. In 2000, Meg’s devotion to the practice of yoga and meditation, and deep love for the philosophy of Yoga and Buddhism, lead her to a teaching practice. Now, Meg is part of the faculty as an assistant yoga instructor at the Insight Yoga Institute, which offers trainings in Yoga, Buddhism, Mediation, and Spiritual Psychology. Meg assists in the Insight Yoga Institute’s 720-hour Yoga Alliance endorsed certified program.

She is the mother of two daughters and leads Sacred Wisdom Circles workshops for mothers and babies with her partner, Catherine Stone, a doula and lactation specialist. Meg is looking forward to working with you to explore the connections between mind, body, and heart achat viagra sur internet.

We hope to see you on the Middle Fork of the Salmon or the Main Salmon river this summer, doing yoga in the largest wilderness area in the USA.

See you in Stanley!


Stand Up Paddle Boarding on a River

Middle Fork River Expeditions (www.idahorivers.com) is celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary by offering Stand Up Paddling (SUP) for participants on it’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River trips in Idaho. Stand Up Paddling uses a larger surfboard platform and a large paddle to steer. Middle Fork River Expeditions has partnered with Todd Bradley and C4 Waterman (www.c4waterman.com) to provide Inflatable Stand Up Surf Boards to it’s guests in 2010. We are the first outfitter on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River to provide this option. Please look for the March 2010 article in Standup Journal (www.standupjournal.com) on Stand Up Paddling the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Paul Tefft with Enviro Action Productions (paultefft@enviroactionproductions) has recently produced a video of the 2009 Whitewater Stand Up Paddling Championship (www.riversup.com/component/content/article/1-latest-news/53-riversup-dvd-promov2)
Please join us next summer to try this amazing new sport on the Middle Fork!

The Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho is the premier wilderness float trip in the US and flows 100 miles of Wild and Scenic free-flowing river through the largest wilderness area in the US. The canyon is the second deepest in North America. Because of its remote location, human presence in the area was somewhat limited, leaving it in the condition we see today. The Middle Fork of the Salmon is unspoiled, remote and roadless so you can be sure you will “get away from it all”. Simply put, it is the best river run in the West!

Middle Fork River Expeditions, licensed and bonded outfitter, has run safe and well-managed river trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho for 30 years. Trips are 4 and 6 days of exciting river rafting, wilderness camping, fine fishing, and adventure travel. Our equipment is specially designed for wilderness whitewater rafting, and offers mild and wild boat choices (oar boats, paddle boats, inflatable kayaks and Stand Up Surf Boards). Ask about special river trips with kayak instruction or wine and massage. Our river guides are seasoned professionals, licensed by the state of Idaho and First Aid Certified. They are expert river runners, magnificent cooks, great storytellers, and knowledgeable, helpful outdoorsmen.

Check out our website for photos of Stand Up Paddling from our inaugural trip in 2008.

Join Middle Fork River Expeditions for a magical wilderness river vacation learning how to Stand Up Paddle. Or bring your own board for the more experienced Stand Up Paddler.

For more info contact:
James Ellsworth, owner
Middle Fork River Expeditions
PO Box 70
Stanley, ID 83278
(800) 801-5146

Forest Service Panel at Boundary Creek

Here is the new Middle Fork put-in sign at Boundary Creek. It looks really great. A great intro on some of the wildlife you might encounter on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

Giving Thanks

I am thankful for…

my pets.
the world.
my family.
all of the people I love and those that love me.
my life and friends and family.
mother nature and my friends and family.
friends and family.
having great food, having a really really nice family.
my house.
my parents and this school.
the world and my family.
my family.
the world.
nature and books.
my life.
my life and others.
my family, my house, my friends, my things and what I can play.
being a part of a community, having wonderful friends and mentors, sharing delicious food and giving and receiving lots of love.
I am thankful for the rivers that we run, and the canyons that we travel, and the stars in the sky that we gaze upon at a crackling campfire.

We are a most definitely a grateful bunch.

Wishing you and your family and joyous Thanksgiving

Happy Friday!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you spend it relaxing with friends and family. If you are traveling for thanksgiving, we hope you have a safe and pleasant journey achat pilule viagra.

Happy Friday!

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And so there were words, that tried to explain the beauty of a river that can only be felt.

Yours for wilderness, Ellsworth

Middle Fork Salmon Whitewater River Rafting

Rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon or the Main Salmon River is one of the best activities you can do as a family these days. Middle Fork Salmon River Rafting has more than 13,000 river miles to choose from. At MFRE we focus on the best Middle Fork Salmon River Rafting destinations by floating on the Salmon River. We offer both the Middle Fork of the Salmon River and also the Main Salmon River as well.
Middle Fork Salmon River Rafting on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River are 6 days, and we float 100 miles. Middle Fork Salmon River Rafting on the Middle Fork has over a half dozen hot springs, incredible Blue Ribbon cutthroat trout fishing, visits of lots of homesteads, and float through a canyo that is deeper than the Grand Canyon. Middle Fork Salmon River Rafting on the Middle Fork Salmon River has more than 400 rapids in it’s 100 mile distance. Most are un-named as they are class I and class II rapids, but there are still over 60 rapids that are class III or above. Middle Fork Salmon River Rafting does not get any better than on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. It is fun for the whole family to enjoy a vacation or holiday together rafting the great rapids of Idaho, some of the best in the country. No doubt about it, Middle Fork Salmon River Rafting is fun for everyone who gives it a try.
So come on out in 2012 and join MFRE for some of the best Middle Fork Salmon River Rafting ever.
We also offer Middle Fork Salmon River Rafting on the Main Salmon in Idaho. We offer 4 day trips in 56 miles. We start the trip in Salmon, Idaho and then on Day 4 we fly you out at 10am from Mackay Bar Ranch. The Main salmon does not have excellent Middle Fork Salmon River Rafting. It is know as the “River of History” both natural history and also human history. We visit three “working Homesteads” while on the river. These include Yellow Pine Bar, where we meet Greg and Sue. Greg makes knives out of the old cable from the cable Crossing at Campbell’s Ferry. He makes the handles for the knives out of Mountain Mohagany from the Salmon River Canyon.
We also visit Doug and Phyllis Tims at Campbell’s Ferry. They are amazing people. Doug is the founder of Maravia INC., which are the types of boat we run on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon. Both Doug and Phyllis give us an amazing interpretation of Francis Winemiler and also Jim Moore, who lived across the river and ran Campbell’s Ferry. They are in the process of finishing a book on the history of the Main Salmon River.
The last place we visit is 5 Mile Bar, which is where Buckskin Bill used to live and make his own guns. Barbara and Heinz now live there and run a permaculture garden and live off the grid completely. We can watch a video on Buckskin Bill and connect with Barbara and Heinz, who are great people that immigrated from Germany in the early 80’s and found the Main Salmon River Canyon and never left.
Middle Fork Salmon River Rafting is best with Middle Fork River Expeditions. Please come out next summer and join us for an adventure of a lifetime. We hope to see you soon for a fun family vacation and the best Middle Fork Salmon River Rafting, connecting with each other in the largest wilderness area in the US.

Vaya con rios, Ellsworth

Idaho Whitewater Rafting Trips

Can you believe it’s already November! It’s not too early to start planning for 2012 summer vacation plans. Nothing is better for a family or friends than a Idaho whitewater rafting trip. the main reason is that you get to experience the largest wilderness area in the US from a raft. This is the main reason to go. It is not for the actual whitewater rafting, but to un-plug from technology and re-connect with one’s one deeper nature. You can be yourself out here and not have to worry about what other people think. What a relief!

Idaho Whitewater rafting trips are also amazing vacations as you do not have to worry about one thing while on vacation other than on how much dutch oven prime rib to eat. Or maybe about whiich river craft to go in for the day. Could it be the Paddle raft, or the oar boat, of the fishing drift boat or the inflatable kayaks. we even have SUP (stand Up Paddle) boards available for using from camp or on the main salmon you can paddle the entire river if you are fit and up for it.

Idaho River rafting is best with Middle Fork River Expeditions for many reasons but the main reason is the guides. These leaders offer un-paralleled “experience” vacations, lending their expertise in the kitchen as well as the swiftwater of the river.

If you read this blog today, Middle Fork River Expeditions will give you a free trip on the Main Salmon River for 1 person, if you call me in the next 4 hours. First caller wins!

Yours for Wilderness, Ellsworth

Inflatable Kayaking the Middle Fork and Main Salmon

have you ever wanted to tackle the river on your own terms?

Every want to get super physical while paddling?

Ever want to float freely through the largest wilderness area in the US?

now’s you chance!

Come join us this summer of 2012 on the Middle Fork or Main Salmon Rivers in central Idaho, in the heart of wolf territory and hot springs galore.

You can choose between either a single man inflatable kayak or a two man inflatable kayak. We mostly offer single kayaks as they are harder to tip and easier to steer with one person. Plus it does not lead to as many fights in the two man ducky as it can lead to divorce or a rough few days in the wilderness.

Anyway, if you keep them straight they do pretty good. We use Vanguard Inflatable Boats located on the web I am sure. They are super sturdy and stable and have great performance too.

Another name for the IK’s (inflatable kayaks) is Duckies, as they look just like they are follwing the mother duck which is usually the paddle raft, that also acts as lead safety boat to any ducky flips.

We hope to see you in Stanley, getting ready to ducky to your heart’s content.

Yours for rivers, Ellsworth

Middle Fork Salmon River Rafting in Idaho

We are not sure if you knew that there are over 400 rapids in the 100 mile stretch of the middle fork, with more than 100 of them being named rapids. This makes for some super fun whitewater rafting every day while you enjoy the largest wilderness area in the USA outside of Alaska. The Middle Fork of the Salmon River is amazing in that it floats at a ~1% grade downhill the entire route, so there are no real flat water sections to the river. Other rivers, like the Main Salmon or the Grand Canyon, are pool and drop rivers, which means they are flatwater and then hit a shooting flow of rapids caused by a tributary debris flow and then there is a pool at the bottom of the rapid. The Middle Fork of the Salmon drops 30ft/mile overall whereas the Grand Canyon drops 8 ft./mile. This makes for some incredible whitewater on the Middle Fork. So come and join us this summer of 2012. June is for the whitewater Junkie and July-Sept is great for everyone.

Happy November, Ellsworth

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