Middle Fork River Expeditions

Rangers trip a huge success!

We had a GRAND time on the Middle Fork with the Rangers June 2-6, 2012. I picked them up in Boise and flew to Bruce Meadows and drove tot eh put-in point at Boundary Creek. The trip was organized by Connal Cochrane who led the group to Boise from europe. Jorg Albertz and his brother Dirk also joined the group. Jorg “The Hammer” Albertz is famous in europe and ecspecially with Rangers fans, where he played for many years. A group of four friends from Glascow raised $80,000 for the Rangers Charitable Foundation which gives money to Unicef etc. The were Roy and Gordy (Brothers), Anton and Graham. Amazing fellows and such enthusiasm all nights were filled with Ranger Songs.

They loved the hike to Veil falls the last morning. We were silent on the hike and they really took in the beauty of the place. it brought tears to a few members of the group and Gordy said he wanted to get married there.

We are planning another date next june with the Rangers, so look out for information on the Rangers website.

Below is a photo at Cache Bar (take-out) on the last day of the trip.

Best, Ellsworth

Rangers Futball Club Middle Fork Salmon June 2-6, 2012

Rangers Futball Club Middle Fork Salmon June 2-6, 2012

Taking the Plunge with the Rangers Futball Club from Glascow, Scotland

Amazing trip for charity last week on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River with the Rangers from Glascow. They raised some good money for charity and the Hammer, Jorg Ernst joined the trip as well and we all had a blast singing and dancing around fire. Wow, we wish we could have scots all summer long. Super high water above 6ft. and awesome. Thanks Connal Cochrane for helping put together the trip and it was the Second Annual trip.

Last summer we took down Walter Smith and Ally McCoist down the Main Salmon River in Idaho

We are already set for getting some dates for next summer in 2013 on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. We hope to post some photos from the trip.

Best, Ellsworth

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