Middle Fork River Expeditions

Kate Stoddard

Kate has one single life goal: To develop unrivaled crows feet. One can tell a lot when looking into the wrinkled character of an aged face, and if crow’s feet are prominent, it is a sign of a life well lived. Kate has never felt so at home as she does in the wilderness, particularly that of the Frank Church in the middle of her home state Idaho. Kate has worked as a river guide on the Middle Fork of the Salmon since 2008 and grew up boating with her dad Russ who was a longtime Idaho river guide. Finding each day a unique gift as the Heraclitus said long ago, one cannot step into the same river twice. In this way the river has been Kate’s greatest teacher in realizing everything is in flux, at the same time connected, as well as countless other lessons. She cannot conjure a better way to spend a summer than to introduce the wise sage in the river to the world at a point in human existence where nature can seem like a distant memory. Kate recently graduated from Montana State University with a bachelors degree in photography and a major in philosophy. Kate spent two months in the fall of 2010 working toward a teaching certificate for yoga in Dharamsala, India as she hopes to share the lifestyle of yoga on the river.  Kate is an incredible cook and makes “the best food on the river”.

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