Middle Fork River Expeditions

Middle Fork Salmon Fishing Trips this Summer

Hello fellow anglers!

We have a few choice spots left in September on our Sept 22-25 departure date. If you want to float the Impassable Canyon and fish the Big Creek tributary with monster cutthroats please just give us a call and we will get you signed up.

We have new AIRE fishing frames on 13′ rafts with large casting braces and platforms for killer fishing.

All fishing is catch and release and single barbless hooks.

The hoppers will be the fly of choice in September when the hatches cease and the fish are filling up for winter.

Come join us this fall for an incredible fishing vacation in the heart of the largest wilderness area in the US.

See you in Stanley, Ellsworth

Hog Islands on the Middle Fork Salmon

John St. John from Hog island delivered two 16 foot Hog Island boats and we have taken them on two trips now. They run better with two fishermen fishing instead of just one like a typical drift boat. The Hog Islands have better balance in whitewater as well running one in front and back.

These Hogs are amazing at fishing with large casting braces that are super padded and you can fish from the swivel seat in the back or slay it from the front. It runs better fishing two fishermen rather than one only like a typical drift boat.

These boats are also the most durable in the business and US coast guard approved.

See you soon on the river,

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