Middle Fork River Expeditions
Middle Fork River Expeditions

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Middle Fork Salmon Photos and Main Salmon River Photos

Main Salmon Photos

Middle Fork Salmon Photos

Types of River Craft

On Middle Fork River Expeditions river trips, we like to have people rotate into the type of river craft they want based on their ability, the section of river, and the availability of the craft.  Most people tend to do a little of everything.  It’s a lot more fun that way!  The various ” river craft we use” section right below the Middle Fork River Photos are examples of the boat options we will have on the river.  MFRE does not offer SUP on the Middle Fork Salmon River.  For the Main Salmon only offer starting in early July and only on the Class I/II rapids.  We also only start to bring Inflatable Kayaks on both the Middle Fork and the Main Salmon starting in late June/early July depending on water levels/weather forecast etc.

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