Middle Fork River Expeditions


Middle Fork River Expeditions Trip Leaders are gifted at what they do. Middle Fork River Expeditions attracts guides for whom leading trips is a passion. Middle Fork River Expeditions guides positively elevate your experience by being educators, companions, and the best of friends. Most MFRE guides have 10 or more years experience on rivers and all are First Aid certified and most are Swiftwater Rescue V Certified thru Wilderness Rescue International. All Guides are also licensed by the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board.

195805_29412972012_4868117_n_000Wilderness Rescue International is owned and run by professional rescuers and adventure guides. Their mission is simple: To be the leading source of wilderness emergency training. We achieve this through developing and presenting specialized training programs and providing customized educational opportunities to agencies throughout the world. By introducing cutting-edge rescue techniques using intentional methodologies, Wilderness Rescue can offer some of the most instrumental experiences in a developing rescuer’s career.

Meet the Middle Fork River Expeditions Trip Leaders (click for videos)

James Ellsworth

Scott Wilson


Jamie Zahner


Kate Stoddard

Kate Stoddard

Mark Martin

Larry McGowan & Bev Angel


Jake Wride

Mike Bachman

Mike Bachman

Sarah Linville

Hooper Boone Landsburgh

Hooper Boone Landsburgh

Sadie Grossbaum

Sandy Bird

Taylor Miller

Andrew McKean

Madeline Martin

Beppe Amodio

Jessie Jarvis

Hunter Verde

Luke Johnson

Cayla Sanderson

Cayla Anderson

Reily Gibson

Reily Gibson

Middle Fork River Expeditions Trip Leaders are gifted and love what they do. Most guests say the guides “make” the trip and most want to take the guides home to be a friend full time as they feel like family after the trip. There are no strangers here, only friends we have not met.

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