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Stand Up Paddle Board the Main Salmon River in Idaho

Stand Up Paddle the Main Salmon River in Idaho

**The video above is from our July 5-10, 2016 trip with C4 Waterman on the Main Salmon River.  Please note most trips are family focused and Stand Up Paddle boarding is completely optional.  Also, we only offer SUP on the Main Salmon and not the Middle Fork as it is too shallow and rocky.  

Middle Fork river Expeditions was the first to introduce SUP on the Salmon River in 2009 when Paul Tefft brought his own board.  We were so impressed we bought two Inflatable SUP’s in 2010 and have run them ever since on the Main Salmon River.  People thought we were crazy, but the sport has really taken off, becoming the fastest growing sport in the US.  The Main Salmon River has recently become famous as the best stand up paddleboard (SUP) river trip in the world for it’s warm water (75+F in August) and fun and safe wave-train rapids.  It is an ideal place to learn even if you have not done it before as there are some flat sections on the river.  We don’t allow people to SUP the “Big V” class III rapids, such as Black Creek, Bailey, 5 Mile, Split Rock, Big Mallard or Elkhorn Rapids.

Often called the River of No Return, the Main Stem of the Salmon River is chock full of historic miner’s cabins, homesteads and Shoshone Sheepeater and Nez Pierce Indian pictographs and pit houses. The early river runners called the Salmon River the “River of No Return” because the wooden scows run in the early 20th century were scrapped at the end of their journey and used to build many of the cabins you see in the canyon. But the truth be told the Salmon is in fact a river you’ll want to return to time and time again, and not want to return home at the end of your adventure.

Stand Up Paddle the Main Salmon River in Idaho

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