Middle Fork River Expeditions
Middle Fork River Expeditions

Erik Weihenmayer kayaks the Salmon River with MFRE

Come check it out and see his new book about kayaking the Grand Canyon a couple months after he kayaked with MFRE.

It was the most inspiring river trip I have ever been on in my entire rafting career.  He is an amazing man.  His family was along as well and we had the best time and the most fun. I will always remember my friend and co-guide Kelly McGrath mooning a jet boat on our last night while on the river and the jet boat turned around adn slid sprayed us with a huge wall of water that missed he prime rib dinner table by a foot.  We just missed a big disaster.  But Erik nailed every rapid on the trip.  He had the help of 3 other kayakers, one in front adn 2 behind.  The one in front would pick the line and the two in front would talk to Erik with an ear piece of where to brace and paddle.  It was amazing to watch.  We ran safety below the rapids.


yours for rivers, James

PS. Erik Paddling below past Black Creek Rapid.

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