Middle Fork River Expeditions

Idaho River Rafting & Spirituality

Why is River Rafting so good in Idaho? Well, the sate of Idaho has more river miles than any other state in the US. Over 3,000 miles worth of runnable rivers in Idaho. An the best thing is you can raft right through the heart of the Largest Roadless Wilderness Area in the US on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon Rivers. It is deeper than the Grand Canyon in places like Impassable Canyon. But there’s more river rafting and that is in the journey. You can let go of it all, all the compensatory strategies to get thru the world out there and truly deepen as an individual, to one;s deeper nature. The River is the perfect platform for this enlightening prospect of living each moment open and awake in one’s mind, and stopping the samsara strategies of a conditioned self. Those same mind movies of “acting” develop grooves like the river canyon, deepening their channel until the movie is what we are watching and have allegiance to.

Come explore the wild rivers of Idaho and come back again because it is a place of wonder.

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