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Idaho Salmon River Rafting Trips- Choosing a trip that’s right for you

Middle Fork River Expeditions has lots of people call that are not sure which is a better trip for them, the Middle Fork or the Main Salmon. I always ask them what their group configuration is and if there are kids. I personally think the Middle Fork is a better trip in June and July and the Main Salmon is best in later July and August. The Middle Fork gets low water by end of July and we often need to fly into the river at Indian Creek. The Main Salmon always has great flows in August and the water temps are around 75F and huge sand beaches for camping and playing for the kids. If fishing is what your primary goal is for the trip, then the Middle Fork is best July-Sept. We offer drift boats on all trips on the Middle Fork starting June 29 launch.

The best thing to do if you are not sure on which trip to take is to give me a call to discuss options and the rivers themselves.

Call anytime at 800-801-5146.

i look forward to your call.

Yours for rivers, James Ellsworth, owner of MFRE

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