Middle Fork River Expeditions

Inflatable Kayaking the Middle Fork and Main Salmon

have you ever wanted to tackle the river on your own terms?

Every want to get super physical while paddling?

Ever want to float freely through the largest wilderness area in the US?

now’s you chance!

Come join us this summer of 2012 on the Middle Fork or Main Salmon Rivers in central Idaho, in the heart of wolf territory and hot springs galore.

You can choose between either a single man inflatable kayak or a two man inflatable kayak. We mostly offer single kayaks as they are harder to tip and easier to steer with one person. Plus it does not lead to as many fights in the two man ducky as it can lead to divorce or a rough few days in the wilderness.

Anyway, if you keep them straight they do pretty good. We use Vanguard Inflatable Boats located on the web I am sure. They are super sturdy and stable and have great performance too.

Another name for the IK’s (inflatable kayaks) is Duckies, as they look just like they are follwing the mother duck which is usually the paddle raft, that also acts as lead safety boat to any ducky flips.

We hope to see you in Stanley, getting ready to ducky to your heart’s content.

Yours for rivers, Ellsworth

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