Middle Fork River Expeditions

ISUP (Inflatable Stand Up Paddle) Boarding on the Main Salmon RIver in Idaho

Middle Fork River Expeditions has 3 ISUPS we use on both the Middle Fork and the Main Salmon. The Main Salmon River is really best for the stand up paddle boarding as it is a pool and drop river. Therefore, you can paddle on the calm stretches and then shoot down thru the rapids sitting on the board. Our paddles are full height adjustable so you can then paddle it sitting down. When the rapid is over, you get back up and paddle. The middle Fork of the salmon river is a little different as it is a continuous river, so there are only a couple of sections we run the paddle boards and usually just use them around camp at night. We have C4 Waterman paddle boards and they are super stable. All participants must use a life jacket and helmet at all times when paddle these boards. All participants must also be able to self-rescue and have strong swimming skills.

So come and join us in the summer of 2012 on the Middle Fork of the Salmon or the Main Salmon and try out these amazing river paddle boards. It gives a whole new dimension to the river experience. You can paddle them like a surfboard on your belly too.

We hope to see you in Idaho this summer of 2012, not just to river raft but to river paddle board to your heart’s content.

Yours for paddle boards, Ellsworth

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