Middle Fork River Expeditions

ISUP the Middle Fork Salmon and Main Salmon This Summer

MFRE purchased two C4 Waterman ISUP’s (Inflatable Stand Up Paddle) Boards last summer and had a ball! It was amazing to surf on the river in the calm sections and around camp at night. You can kneel and use a kayak paddle, stand up adn use a ISUP paddle, or lie down and paddle like a surfboard.

It’s amazing to experience the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in this way. It is even better yet on the Main Salmon RIver where the water temps are warmer and there are huge beaches to camp on. This makes the perfect place to learn this new and fantastic sport in the largest Wilderness Area in the US. The Main Salmon River Canyon is deeper than Grand Canyon. Both rivers have loads of hot springs. Imagine, ISUPing down the river to a natural hot spring shower that is natural and on the riverside. You paddle up and jump under the 104F waterfall and receive a back massage from the pounding of the spring on your back. Then jump back on the ISUP and peel out into the current from the eddy and head downstream. Sounds like a dream but that is what is happening out there is you just allow yourself to take a leap from fear and embrace the wilderness. The ISUP is one more tool in the quiver of river craft that MFRE provides to give you the ultimate experience.

Come Join us this Summer!

You’ll get those ripped abs you always wanted while ISUPing the Salmon River.

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