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We use organic ingredients whenever possible, provide lots of fruits and vegetables.  Also we provide non-sugary drinks like La Croix, Spindrift and Ollipops as well as fresh drinking water and electrolytes.

Breakfast Lunch Appetizer Dinner Dessert
Day 1 None Bagette, Ham,Brie, Caprese on a Toothpick Flank Steak and Pork Brownies
Arugala, Fig jam Popcorn Potato Au Graten (save extra for day 4 Bfast) whip cream
Fruit White and Red Wine Spring mix/walnut/gorgonzola/pear salad
Cookies balsamic/olive oil dressing
Day 2 Strawberry Pancakes Taco Wrap with leftover Flank Popcorn Alaskan Salmon Apple Crisp
Bacon & Eggs your way Fruit Artichokes Quinoa whip cream
granola & yogurt cookies White and Red Wine Romaine/cabbage/tomato/cucumber
Melon Olive/gar/rice wine vin/soy sauce dressing
Day 3 Fritatta Tabouli Wrap Edamame Curry- Leftover Flank and Pork from Day 1
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Sausage BLT’s with bacon leftovers Party Mix Jasmine Rice whip cream
Melon Fruit White and Red Wine Kale Salad
granola & yogurt cookies
Day 4 Omelette Smorgesbourg Guacamole Corn/Flour Tortilla Tacos Smores
Hash Browns Fruit Chips & Salsa Chicken and Groud Beef
Sopapillas (sugar/cin fried tort
granola & yogurt cookies Margaritas Leftover Rice with Beans
Melon Chile Relleno- Optional
Day 5 Eggs Benedict Or Florentine Asian Chicken Wrap Baked brie Filet Mignon or Portabello Mushrooms (GF) Chocolate Cake
Ham or Greens Fruit Crackers Red Potatoes whip cream
Melon cookies White and Red Wine Spinach Salad with Craisins/carmelized walnuts
granola & yogurt Champagne
Day 6 Bagels, lox, cucumber
MF:OddFellows Bakery – Caldwell brings in.
Cream Cheese & Capers
MS: Pack Set up Deli at Take out
granola & yogurt
Middle Fork River Expeditions Menu








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