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We use organic ingredients whenever possible, provide lots of fruits and vegetables, and stay away from the white death (mayonaisse!)

Breakfast Lunch Appetizer Dinner Dessert
Day 1 None Smorgesborg Caprese Pork Ternderloin & Tri-Tip

Black Bean Burger option

Fruit Popcorn Potato Au Graten
cookies White and Red Wine Organic Spring mix/walnut/gorgonzola/pear salad
Day 2 Sourdough Pancakes Deli Truffle Popcorn Wild Alaskan Salmon Apple Crisp
Bacon & Eggs your way BLT’s, pork or steak- leftover Artichokes Quinoa fresh whip cream
granola & yogurt Fruit White and Red Wine Spring Mix/cabbage/tomato/cucumber
Fresh Fruit cookies Olive/gar/rice wine vin/soy sauce dressing
Day 3 Fritatta Taco Salad Edamame Salmon River Curry Brownies
Sausage tortillas Party Mix  Jasmine Rice  fresh whip cream
Fresh Fruit Fruit White and Red Wine Kale & cabbage Salad
granola & yogurt cookies
Day 4 Omelette Deli Guacamole Organic Chicken Fajita Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Hash Browns Fruit Chips & Salsa Black Beans fresh whip cream
granola & yogurt cookies Margaritas Onion and Peppers
Fresh Fruit  Sour Cream, Lettuce and Salsa
Day 5 Sourdough Biscuits Tuna Salad Wrap Baked brie Filet Mignon or Portabello mushrooms Chocolate Cake
Sausage Gravy Crackers Red Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes w/but/brown fresh whip cream
Scrambled Eggs Fruit White and Red Wine Romaine salad w/ shaved parmessan
Fresh Fruit cookies Champagne Olive oil/lemon/gar dresing
granola & yogurt
Day 6 Bagels, lox, cucumber Salad or Pulled Pork at North Fork Store
Cream Cheese & Capers
granola & yogurt
Fresh Fruit
Middle Fork River Expeditions Menu








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