Middle Fork River Expeditions

Middle Fork River Expeditions Orientation in Stanley Example

Welcome group to Stanley, introduce yourself. And thank them for choosing MFRE!  Our hope for you this week is to:

1.  Have fun (after safety)

2.  Get unplugged from technology and connect with nature: to protect it.

3.  Feel refreshed, renewed and excited to come back again with friends/family.

4.  We encourage lots of fun during the trip, AND also moments of silence and solitude.

Group Introductions

Roundabout of names, hometowns, and what they want from this trip.

Group Dynamics

River trip is like a tribe of Sheepeater Shosone Indians, we travel as a group of 30 and  each person affects the others thru their actions.  Helping each other, learning from one another, compassion and making contributions (playing music, telling stories, just being happy) makes the trip better for all.  Workload is shared!  Kitchen, loading boats, etc.

Encourage questions during meeting.

This is your trip, please let guides know if you are needing more of something.

Talk about guides and explain types of boats.

Typical Day on River 6am to 10pm

Environmental Stewardship– Leave No Trace, Veggie Oil, MFRE Recycling Program, Carbon Offsets and IRU partnership.


Weather varies between hot and dry to cold and rainy. Upper section cooler than lower, esp. at night. It can be sunny and rainy in the same day. Water is from springs and clean!  One liter water bottle essential.  Skin should be protected from sun, lips with balm and eyes with sunglasses.  At  night, lots of lotion on hands!!

Fishing, Drinking, Extra stuff you want to bring.

Fishing lic. are required and can be purchased at Merc. We have two spinning rods and reels for all to use, buy lures at the Merc.  Mepps Killier kit is good, single barbless hooks are required.

We provide some wine on a couple of the nights, margaritas on Mex. Night. Beer/liquor is on our own and can be purchased at the Merc across the street.

Clothes, sunscreen, lip balm and utility items you’ve forgotten can be bought at the river store (carabiners are extremely useful for attaching things to the boats). Stores are open till 10pm and again at 7am. Store at Flying B has trinkets sodas t-shirts etc.


What to wear will depend on weather. When it’s hot wear lightweight light colored clothes, cotton ok. When it’s cold wear synthetic clothes to stay warm while wet. Wear raingear  for rain/wind and for rapids when its’ not hot. You have raingear provided for you.  Wear sandals or sneakers in the boats and sneakers (light athletic shoes) for side hikes. Socks with sandals help prevent blisters/sunburn. Ball cap for those in paddle boat and IK’s so helmet can be worn over. Sunglass and hat straps are essentials! Light fleece jacket and a set of syn. long underwear will be usu. be enough insulation (except for spring/fall trips).

Packing- How many tents?

Demo Large/small Dry bags, Sleep kits, cup, carabiner, sleep kit and rain gear.

PLEASE USE THERMARESt on top or ridgerest!!!!!!!!!!

If arrived by car, leave city clothes in car. If airplane, bring city clothes etc. out to meeting place tomorrow morning and we will find safe place for it in Motel.

Day 6- 4-5pm back at MV, Optional farewell dinner at ~7pm

Fly in?- If YES:  Because of water conditions, we will be collecting $115/person by cash or check after the meeting to Sawtooth Air Services.


Eat before departure. MV open at 6:30 am. MEET OUT FRONT of MV READY TO GO AT 7:15am. Cars– you can park cars across the street in the lot and lock your valuables in the trunk.  Fill out a slip at the front desk and put on front of dash.

Shuttle- If you need to shuttle your vehicle to Salmon, fill out cards at front desk, pay $95 by check to River Shuttles and have it shuttled to the Stagecoach Motel.  Put keys in envelope after you have driven across the street.

Wear clothes for river plus fleece if cool here. Usually warmer at put-in. Bring Liquor!!

Tonight- Get packed!  Soak in the hot spring out back!  If you need anything, call warehouse at 774-2004 we are right up the street or call 800-801-5146 if we don’t pick up.


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