Middle Fork River Expeditions

Middle Fork Salmon River Fy Fishing Tackle List

Recommended Tackle for Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork

McCoy’s Tackle Shop, Jane McCoy owner, Ace of Diamonds Street in Stanley has an excellent selection of Middle Fork flies & tackle. 208-774-3377.
• Fly rod (4 to 6 weight) (8-9 feet long) (2, 3, or 4 piece rod)
• Reel & line (4 to 6 weight, double taper floating line)(balanced to rod – size should match line & rod weight)
• Protective case for rod (rod/reel cases are ideal – the reel stays on the rod in the case)
• Vest or tackle box with flies, leaders, dry fly and line dressing (wax or silicon)
• Leaders (6 to 7 ½ foot tapered leaders size 3X or 4X) and tippet material 4X or 5X to add onto tapered leaders
• Clippers for trimming leaders
• Forceps, or other tools to grasp the hook shank for releasing fish
• Needle nose pliers, forceps, etc. to bend hook barbs flat
• Polarized glasses with croakies

Suggested Dry Flies. (generally sizes 8-14)
Humpy (yellow, orange, red) Royal Wolff
Goofus (Improved Humpy) (yellow, orange, red) Buck-tailed Caddis
Irresistible Elkhair Caddis
Stimulator (stonefly immitation) size 8 & 10 Royal Coachman
Sofa Pillow (stonefly immitation) size 8 & 10 Adams
Renegade Parachute Hopper
Dave’s Hopper Giant Stonefly
Suggested Wet Flies (Early morning or late evening in low light, use wet patterns with a long leader. Add extra tippet to achieve a longer leader.)
Marabou muddlers Wooly bugger
Wooly worm (black, olive) Muddler minnow
Brown & black leach
Nymph fishermen should have imitations for mayflies, stoneflies, and caddisflies.

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