Middle Fork River Expeditions

NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder)

As more and more technology enters our lives we get further and further away from nature. With every generation and Dating more electronic gadgets enter our lives we get “plugged” into an alternative unreal universe. We live through life in our own avatar, in an almost as zombie state, so looking at our gadgets and wholesale mlb jerseys “applications” that we miss the present moment. The wilderness has a way of plugging us back into our true deeper nature. A river trip helps cure Nature Deficit Disorder and in return, connect future generations to wholesale jerseys learn the inter connectedness of all beings and forms a deeper connection to ones own being. To touch the cheap mlb jerseys inward being of all who travel her course, nature then plants the seed for her own survival.

We’d love to see you in cheap jerseys the journey.

Yours for Rivers, James

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