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“Because everyone needs a little adventure in their life.” Adventure Guides, also a Lower Stanley based company, is a great choice for those interested in a “luxury adventure experience in the wilderness”. Adventure Guides is run mostly by Idaho locals who hail from Twin Falls and surrounding areas. Owner, outfitter and guide, Dirk Gibson, spent many years guiding on the Middle Fork before starting his own company. Rumor has it, he used to run MFRE’s sweep back in the day. Adventure Guides is a first class outfit. They focus on keeping folks cozy, while opening the door to all the excitement and adventure that the river has to offer. Rafting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, you name it-just say the word and Adventure Guides will have a custom trip that suits your desires.

On top of it all, Adventure Guides is the only outfit on the river offering a hike in fly fishing trip down Big Creek, to the confluence with the Middle Fork; a great option for those who need a little variation in their wilderness experience. If your plans don’t match with an MFRE launch, you can count on Dirk and his Adventure Guides for a memorable time on the water.

See you in the Middle… Sparrow

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  1. Eliza Van Wetter says:

    I am very interested in working for MFRE this summer!! I have no experience but I am extremely enthusiastic and have low expectations for the kind of work I’d be doing; I just want to be on the river.
    Please let me know how I should go about applying!

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