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idaho river trips

August 18th, 2012

idaho river trips are the best. Nothing compares to idaho river trips in general. Come along for a idaho river trip this summer or next. Idaho river trips are a great opportunity to see nature in it’s natural state, in the largest roadless wilderness area in the lower 48 states.

Come and enjoy idaho river trips soon!

idaho river trips

idaho river trips

Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho

February 23rd, 2012

Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho is the way to catch the most fish from a boat.  We use Hog Island HDPE roto-molded mcKenzie Drift boats.  Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho with these boats is ideal as they have large padded casting braces on the bow and stern of the boat.  Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho has never been easier and as cost effective as they are on a Middle Fork River Expeditions trip.  There is not an additional cost to rotate into a Hog Island for Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho.  All fishing is catch and release fishing using single barbless fly’s or hooks.  We fish for Western Cutthroat Trout while Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho.  We even carry a couple of Orvis Fly Rods for guest to become introduced to Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho or anywhere in the world.  You can be sure that Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho is the best in the world as well.  Fish are not huge, ranging from 10-14″, but an accomplished fly fisherman can catch over 100 fish a day no problem.

One of MFRE’s fly fishing guides, Willis McAleese, is hand making custom Drift boats in Pocatello with is new company, Lost River Boat Works.  These drift boats are of the highest quality using the stitch and glue process.  Willis will bring one of these custom drift boats on the river this summer, so come and check it out.

Middle Fork River Expeditions offers Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho with exclusive 2 to 1 fisherman/guide ratio on our September dates.  Never has Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho been so accessable to so many people.

Come on out and learn to fly fish this summer, or for the veteran angler, come have the time of your life.   Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho is just waiting for you.

We hope to see you in Stanley this summer.

Yours for fishing, Ellsworth

Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho

Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho

Idaho Whitewater River Rafting

October 8th, 2011

Idaho Whitewater River Rafting is one of the best activities you can do as a family these days. Idaho river rafting has more than 13,000 river miles to choose from. At MFRE we focus on the best idaho river rafting destinations by floating on the Salmon River. We offer both the Middle Fork of the Salmon River and also the Main Salmon River as well.

Idaho river rafting on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River are 6 days, and we float 100 miles. Idaho river rafting on the Middle Fork has over a half dozen hot springs, incredible Blue Ribbon cutthroat trout fishing, visits of lots of homesteads, and float through a canyo that is deeper than the Grand Canyon. Idaho river rafting on the Middle Fork Salmon River has more than 400 rapids in it’s 100 mile distance. Most are un-named as they are class I and class II rapids, but there are still over 60 rapids that are class III or above. Idaho river rafting does not get any better than on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. It is fun for the whole family to enjoy a vacation or holiday together rafting the great rapids of Idaho, some of the best in the country. No doubt about it, Idaho River rafting is fun for everyone who gives it a try.

So come on out in 2012 and join MFRE for some of the best Idaho River rafting ever.

We also offer Idaho river rafting on the Main Salmon in Idaho. We offer 4 day trips in 56 miles. We start the trip in Salmon, Idaho and then on Day 4 we fly you out at 10am from Mackay Bar Ranch. The Main salmon does not have excellent Idaho River rafting. It is know as the “River of History” both natural history and also human history. We visit three “working Homesteads” while on the river. These include Yellow Pine Bar, where we meet Greg and Sue. Greg makes knives out of the old cable from the cable Crossing at Campbell’s Ferry. He makes the handles for the knives out of Mountain Mohagany from the Salmon River Canyon.

We also visit Doug and Phyllis Tims at Campbell’s Ferry. They are amazing people. Doug is the founder of Maravia INC., which are the types of boat we run on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon. Both Doug and Phyllis give us an amazing interpretation of Francis Winemiler and also Jim Moore, who lived across the river and ran Campbell’s Ferry. They are in the process of finishing a book on the history of the Main Salmon River.

The last place we visit is 5 Mile Bar, which is where Buckskin Bill used to live and make his own guns. Barbara and Heinz now live there and run a permaculture garden and live off the grid completely. We can watch a video on Buckskin Bill and connect with Barbara and Heinz, who are great people that immigrated from Germany in the early 80’s and found the Main Salmon River Canyon and never left.

Idaho River rafting is best with Middle Fork River Expeditions. Please come out next summer and join us for an adventure of a lifetime. We hope to see you soon for a fun family vacation and the best Idaho river rafting, connecting with each other in the largest wilderness area in the US.

Hen Wen Rides Again

March 23rd, 2011

MFRE bought Hen Wen, an 18 foot Wooden River Dory last May and she did three descents down the river.  She’s back again with a new sister Dory that is being built this spring inn Stanley by Willis Mcaleese, her name is yet to be determined.  In fact, we just bought the 1/4″ marine grade plywood yesterday and the resins as well.  So you can be sure to have twice the fun on the Main Salmon River in Idaho this summer.  Whitewater rafting at it’s finest.  The Wood Dories make it super fun thru the wave trains of the Main Salmon and as it has more water than the Middle Fork we don;t worry as much about hitting rocks.  Although it can occur and we bring lots of Gorilla Tape along.  These Dories are beautiful historic river craft that beckon to the Gondola’s of Venice.  But you ride these historic boats right through the heart of the largest roadless wilderness area in the US outside of Alaska.

So come join Hen Wen and her sister this summer on the Main Salmon River in Idaho.

There are no strangers here, only friends we have not met.

Yours for Rivers, Ellsworth

Middle Fork River Expeditions Orientation in Stanley Example

February 20th, 2011

Welcome group to Stanley, introduce yourself. And thank them for choosing MFRE!  Our hope for you this week is to:

1.  Have fun (after safety)

2.  Get unplugged from technology and connect with nature: to protect it.

3.  Feel refreshed, renewed and excited to come back again with friends/family.

4.  We encourage lots of fun during the trip, AND also moments of silence and solitude.

Group Introductions

Roundabout of names, hometowns, and what they want from this trip.

Group Dynamics

River trip is like a tribe of Sheepeater Shosone Indians, we travel as a group of 30 and  each person affects the others thru their actions.  Helping each other, learning from one another, compassion and making contributions (playing music, telling stories, just being happy) makes the trip better for all.  Workload is shared!  Kitchen, loading boats, etc.

Encourage questions during meeting.

This is your trip, please let guides know if you are needing more of something.

Talk about guides and explain types of boats.

Typical Day on River 6am to 10pm

Environmental Stewardship– Leave No Trace, Veggie Oil, MFRE Recycling Program, Carbon Offsets and IRU partnership.


Weather varies between hot and dry to cold and rainy. Upper section cooler than lower, esp. at night. It can be sunny and rainy in the same day. Water is from springs and clean!  One liter water bottle essential.  Skin should be protected from sun, lips with balm and eyes with sunglasses.  At  night, lots of lotion on hands!!

Fishing, Drinking, Extra stuff you want to bring.

Fishing lic. are required and can be purchased at Merc. We have two spinning rods and reels for all to use, buy lures at the Merc.  Mepps Killier kit is good, single barbless hooks are required.

We provide some wine on a couple of the nights, margaritas on Mex. Night. Beer/liquor is on our own and can be purchased at the Merc across the street.

Clothes, sunscreen, lip balm and utility items you’ve forgotten can be bought at the river store (carabiners are extremely useful for attaching things to the boats). Stores are open till 10pm and again at 7am. Store at Flying B has trinkets sodas t-shirts etc.


What to wear will depend on weather. When it’s hot wear lightweight light colored clothes, cotton ok. When it’s cold wear synthetic clothes to stay warm while wet. Wear raingear  for rain/wind and for rapids when its’ not hot. You have raingear provided for you.  Wear sandals or sneakers in the boats and sneakers (light athletic shoes) for side hikes. Socks with sandals help prevent blisters/sunburn. Ball cap for those in paddle boat and IK’s so helmet can be worn over. Sunglass and hat straps are essentials! Light fleece jacket and a set of syn. long underwear will be usu. be enough insulation (except for spring/fall trips).

Packing- How many tents?

Demo Large/small Dry bags, Sleep kits, cup, carabiner, sleep kit and rain gear.

PLEASE USE THERMARESt on top or ridgerest!!!!!!!!!!

If arrived by car, leave city clothes in car. If airplane, bring city clothes etc. out to meeting place tomorrow morning and we will find safe place for it in Motel.

Day 6- 4-5pm back at MV, Optional farewell dinner at ~7pm

Fly in?- If YES:  Because of water conditions, we will be collecting $115/person by cash or check after the meeting to Sawtooth Air Services.


Eat before departure. MV open at 6:30 am. MEET OUT FRONT of MV READY TO GO AT 7:15am. Cars– you can park cars across the street in the lot and lock your valuables in the trunk.  Fill out a slip at the front desk and put on front of dash.

Shuttle- If you need to shuttle your vehicle to Salmon, fill out cards at front desk, pay $95 by check to River Shuttles and have it shuttled to the Stagecoach Motel.  Put keys in envelope after you have driven across the street.

Wear clothes for river plus fleece if cool here. Usually warmer at put-in. Bring Liquor!!

Tonight- Get packed!  Soak in the hot spring out back!  If you need anything, call warehouse at 774-2004 we are right up the street or call 800-801-5146 if we don’t pick up.



February 14th, 2011

Loved the Middle Fork of the Salmon River last summer and coming again on the Main Salmon this year?  But just have to get away for the spring break before your Idaho trip?  Come join MFRE in Costa Rica!  Looking for the most active and adventurous trip Costa Rica has to offer?  Look no further! Experience Costa Rica’s National Parks and Reserves by sea kayak, river raft, and on foot with certified naturalist guides that lead you to hidden gems within this ecological wonderland. Our small group size allows us to travel easily and intimately through a country that has made farsighted decisions to protect their ecosystem and rain forests in a world where they are rapidly vanishing.

You’ll start off at Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean coast, the largest seasonal spawning ground for many varieties of sea turtles including Leatherbacks, Hawksbills, and Green Turtles. The best way to discover the rainforest is by sea kayak as you can get really close to the animals. You will see howler and white-faced monkeys, jesus christ lizards, morpho butterflies, and many species of tropical birds. After early morning sea turtle hatchings (July & August) we visit the nearby “Sea Turtle Survival League” an NGO dedicated to researching and saving the sea turtles of Costa Rica.

Then it’s off to the Pacuare River, where you will hike into a jungle lodge that is situated right on the river.   You will hike to hidden waterfalls and have the option to do a “zip line” to fulfill all of your Tarzan fantasies of swinging from limb to limb.

You’ll then cap your trip with sea kayaking, mountain biking, sea kayaking and hiking fun in the wilderness surrounding Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano. You will mtn. bike or hike to the La Fortuna waterfall, sea kayak on Arenal Lake, and go for a full day mtn. bike in the foothills of the Volcano.  You will soak in some hot springs watching the red hot lava pour off the volcano, and be hosted by a local family for dinner in their home.  This Eco Family Adventures vacation has it all.


F This trip begins with a rendezvous at the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica, on Day 1.

Day 1 ~ Arrive in San José

Your trip leader (or a representative) will meet you outside the customs and immigration area at the airport. He or she will answer questions, brief you on the immediate arrangements, and escort you to your hotel.

Hotel Alta (or similar)

Day 2 ~ Tortuguero National Park: Sea Kayaking

Drive two hours to the Río Suerte for a three hour paddle by sea kayak to Tortuguero National Park and our accommodations at Mawamba Lodge.  Mawamba is a wonderful lodge located on the beach in Tortuguero National Park. Its pretty pool, a walk on the beach or on nature trails, and cocktails on the sunset deck await us.

B,L,D…Mawamba Lodge

Day 3 ~ Tortuguero National Park: Sea Kayaking

Optional early morning search for sea turtles with the guide (best viewing is during the July and August trips). After breakfast we take a motorboat loaded with our kayaks and head to Laguna Nueve near the Río Samai. We board the kayaks and paddle through a narrow waterway into the lagoon, which is accessibly only by sea kayaks. This is an ideal place for close encounters with hundreds of monkeys and birds of all colors. We head back to Mawamba for lunch. In the afternoon we have many choices.  We can paddle to some more areas only accessible by kayak, simply relax at the pool, or take a walk to the Sea Turtle Survival League, an NGO run by the Caribbean Conservation Corporation, providing education and a safe haven for these amazing creatures.

B,L,D…Mawamba Lodge

DAY 4 ~ Pacuare River Forest Reserve: Rafting

Early morning sea turtle viewing. After breakfast we take a boat to Matina (11⁄2-hour ride), then drive about two hours to the put-in point on the beautiful Rio Pacuare (class III/IV), a protected tropical wilderness river and one of the most exciting to raft in all of Costa Rica!  Once at the river we paddle downstream about eight miles to our riverside jungle lodge, which has rooms with attached baths. Along the river we may see many animals, including sloths, river otters, and anteaters, and an incredible variety of birds—toucans, toucanitos, egrets, herons, kingfishers, and trogons. A picnic lunch is served on the riverbank; dinner is in a thatched-roof open air dining area overlooking the river.

B,L,D…Pacuare Jungle Lodge

DAY 5 ~ Nature Hike, Zip Line, Bird Watching

Early morning bird-watching with your guides to see toucans and many other species by hiking on a trail high above the rainforest canopy for sweeping views of the river corridor. We’ll spend the rest of the day exploring in the tropical rainforest by hiking to hidden waterfalls where we will have the opportunity to swim in the refreshing pools. We can also be tarzan for the day and take a “zip line” from tree platform to tree platform (5 in total!) with a cable tied between them.  Return to camp for dinner and overnight.

B,L,D…Pacuare Jungle Lodge

DAY 6 ~ Pacuare River Forest Reserve: Rafting

Today we enter the deep and lush gorge of the Pacuare. As we float through the dense jungle we watch the riverbank for signs of wildlife and look for the waterfall that literally drenches you as you float by! After enjoying another exhilarating day on the river, we take-out in the afternoon and drive 2 ½ hours to La Fortuna, the gateway to the Arenal Volcano wilderness areas. Dinner on your own in San José.

B,L,D…Lomas del Volcan (or similar)

Day 7 ~ Arenal Volcano: Mtn. Biking, Hiking, Evening Float Trip

Morning optional mountain bike ride or hike to La Fortuna Waterfall, over 200 ft. tall. After breakfast, you will get ready for a biking adventure. This is an optional activity and for those who wish to hike can start hiking to the waterfall while the bike riders get ready.  Safety instructions will be given and the guide will help you getting familiar with the bikes and the equipment. Once everybody is ready, the adventure begins thru trails and wonderful views of the area and the Arenal Volcano, which will end with a quick hike down a slope to the La Fortuna Waterfall. At the waterfall you can swim, take photos or just relax and have some snacks that the guide provides.

In the evening, you will take a twilight raft float on the Peñas Blancas River (no rapids), where you will discover the behavior of animals and plants during transition from day to night and your naturalist guide will handle your boat while you relax and pay attention to the different sounds of nature.  Dinner tonight is hosted by the Hidalgo family, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a typical Costa Rica (Tico) meal, which they are famous for.

B,L,D… Lomas del Volcan (or similar)

Day 8 ~ Arenal Lake and Volcano: Sea Kayaking and Relaxing in Hot Springs

In the morning, you will embark in sea kayaks paddling in the calm waters of the Arenal Lake, where the beautiful views of Arenal Volcano will provide lasting memories for a lifetime. In the afternoon, you will have time to relax at the Baldi Hot Springs.  The hot springs are surrounded by tropical gardens and have ten various pools of various temperatures, so you can choose which one is perfect from your sore muscles from sea kayaking this morning. If there are no clouds tonight near Arenal Volcano, we might see some red hot lava pouring off the mountain. Often times you can even feel the earth rumbling from the volcano, but not to worry it is very safe! We then drive two hours back to San José with dinner either along the way or back in San Jose.

B,L,D…Hotel Alta (or similar)

Day 9 ~ Fly home

We drive you to the airport and you depart for home.



$2190 per person

Rates quoted are per person, based on sharing double accommodations.

Single Supplement—$400 for “requested” singles; $200 for “forced” singles.

If you prefer single accommodations, you must pay the Single Supplement Fee. If you’re traveling alone and wish to share accommodations, we’ll try our best to find you a roommate. If that’s not possible, we will only charge you half of the single supplement.

What’s Included

♦ expert leadership

♦ accommodations

♦ field arrangements, sea kayaking gear and equipment

♦ meals as noted (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)

♦ airport transfers

♦ sightseeing as noted in the itinerary

♦ ground transportation

♦ additional guides where necessary

♦ entrance fees and permits

What’s Not

International airfare to San José and return; meals as noted; insurance (we strongly recommend you purchase trip insurance offered by Eco Family Adventures, which includes trip cancellation insurance); optional tipping to leader, guides and local staff; excess baggage charges; airport taxes; cost of medical immunizations; items of a personal nature (sodas, alcoholic beverages, laundry, etc.).

Air Travel

Airfare is not included in the land cost of our trips. Use the internet to find a flight. But please check with us before purchasing or obtaining your tickets. We need to verify your arrival and departure schedule and ensure we have confirmation that all services are booked.


Expert Leaders

Expert leadership is the key to every successful trip. Eco Family Adventures attracts gifted leaders for whom leading trips is their passion. They show you many natural wonders that you’d never find on your own and make sure everything runs smoothly and safely without a hitch. Eco Family Adventures guides positively elevate your experience by being educators, companions, and the best of friends. Although guide assignments can change, the following leaders regularly guide this trip.

Alonso Lezama has been an adventure guide for more than seven years. A certified naturalist, he is currently studying biology in college in Costa Rica after finishing his high school studies in the US at Valley Forge Military Academy in Pennsylvania. Alonso comes from a long tradition of tourism in the Turrialba area of Costa Rica; his family owns a hotel and a very well-known restaurant in the area called the Turrialtico Lodge.

Jorge Calderón is a whitewater rafting guide in his mid thirties who has led trips in Costa Rica for the past seven years. He was part of the Costa Rica whitewater rafting team that won the fourth place in the World Championships in Brazil in 1997, and also competes in long distance sea kayaking competitions. Jorge loves the outdoors and is eager to share with you the natural beauty of his country.

Activity Level

This trip is easy to moderate in nature, and is recommended for people in average to good physical condition. Some of the activities are optional, as we often have a support boat or vehicle along if you choose not to participate.  We don’t recommend this trip for people who cannot swim, as the activities all take place on or around water.  Previous sea kayaking and rafting experience is not needed. The trip is not recommended for children under the age of 12.

Camping & Lodging

In Tortuguero, we stay at Mawamba Lodge, a comfortable facility that features basic rooms with hot showers, swimming pool, volleyball court, and a game room. We’ll stay two nights at a simple yet clean jungle lodge in the Pacuare River Forest Reserve. The rooms have attached baths, sinks, and solar-heated showers. In the La Fortuna area we stay at the Lomas del Volcan, which offers bungalows with attached bath and two queen beds with air conditioning.  Lodging in San José is in a very nice hotel with private baths.  Please “google” the hotels to have a good idea of the quality of the hotels chosen for this adventure.

Note on Itinerary

Although we will do our very best to adhere to the itinerary schedule as listed, it is subject to change for numerous reasons beyond our control.

Note on Services

We often use local suppliers who provide services that may include transportation, equipment, logistic support, and other services (hotels, restaurants, etc.). We do not own or operate these independent suppliers. We work with service providers who share our commitment to safety and quality, and work closely with them to develop itineraries unique to Eco Family Adventures or Middle Fork River Expeditions.

Taking The Middle Fork: Salmon River Fly Fishing

February 5th, 2011

Middle Fork Salmon River fly fishing is one of the most popular activities in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. Fly fishing can be a challenge, but it’s also one of the most rewarding hands-on experiences nature can provide. Here are a few things that might help you get the most out of fly fishing Idaho or anywhere else for that matter.

Try Different Retrieves

Most fly fishers cast, and then they pull back their fly with the same speed, the same smooth motion, and the same pacing that they’ve used for years — for many of us, it’s second nature. But while this might work often, sometimes you just run into a batch of fish that’s feeling lazy. They can’t be bothered to charge after a bug that’s zipping long at what they see as a rapid pace. Similarly, some fish want a fast-moving, energetic bug to snap up.

The end result is that, if your normal retrieve isn’t working, you should switch it up. Mix up the speed — make it quick and jerky, or slow and smooth, or slow and jerky, etc. Twitchy retrieves work particularly well on fish that can’t be bothered to do any chasing
and want to snag something that looks injured.

Change depths

Some days, fish hang out near the surface — other days, not so much. That means that if your floating line isn’t working, it’s time to grab one of those sinkers that will have your fly slowly moving toward the bottom until you start your retrieve. Wait different amounts of time on each cast until you figure out where the fish are sitting today.

Fish Downwind

If there’s a decent wind blowing, go to the downwind side of the river. It’s a small effect, but the wind tends to blow the bugs and other fish food, and the fish often gather on the side of the river that has all of the food blown over to it. This move alone can mean the difference between wasting your day and hooking several decent ones in an afternoon.

Middle Fork of the Salmon River in the Frank Church Wilderness of No Return

February 3rd, 2011

The Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho is the premier wilderness rafting trip in the US. It flows 100 miles of Wild and Scenic free-flowing river through the largest wilderness area in the US. The canyon is the second deepest in North America.  The Middle Fork of the Salmon is unspoiled, remote and roadless so you can be sure you will “get away from it all”.  Simply put, it is the best river run in the West!

Middle Fork River Expeditions, licensed and bonded outfitter, has run safe and well-managed river trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho and are celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2010. Trips are 4 or 6 days of exciting river rafting, wilderness camping, fine fishing, and adventure travel. Our equipment is specially designed for wilderness whitewater rafting, and offers mild and wild boat choices (oar boats, paddle boats, inflatable kayaks and stand up paddling surf boards!).  Our river guides are seasoned professionals, licensed by the state of Idaho and First Aid Certified. They are expert river runners, magnificent cooks, great storytellers, and knowledgeable, helpful outdoorsmen.

Join Middle Fork River Expeditions for a magical wilderness river vacation this summer!

Steelhead Fishing, Idaho Style: A Story

January 28th, 2011

Let’s take a trip town to Riggins to do some steelhead fishing, Idaho style. The nights are cold this time of year, so we can’t expect the fishing to be anything other than tough, but sometimes the river just calls. When that happens, you don’t have any choice but to make do with what the river will give you.

The drive out to Riggins will be relaxing; the snow is receding and the deer and elk are out in force by the sides of the roads — nature is getting in on this little trip long before we’ve gotten anywhere near the river. Did you bring binoculars, or a spotting scope? There’s a magnificent bull elk that hands out regularly at the rest area just this side of Rapid River; if you’re lucky, we’ll see him along the way.

Once we get to Riggins, we’re going to be putting down in a couple of places: Short’s Bar and the Riggins Park. Each is teeming with steelhead, but getting a bite won’t be as easy as it sounds in this weather; everyone’s feeling conservative in the cold, even the fish. The gentle breeze combines with the midday sun to make it actually pretty warm out, but we miss the first hit of the day because we’re distracted by a deer.

Finally, a few hours and a couple of lure changes later, the first hit! It’s a small crappie jig, so we have to fight the steelhead carefully — and fight it does. Several minutes later, certain of our victory, we start to reel the tired fish in, only to have the hook go straight on us, and the steelhead start making its way back to the Pacific.

As the evening starts to set in and the midday warmth leaves, we huddle in and devote ourselves to fishing Idaho‘s most elusive steelhead until we have something to bring home. Finally, an hour later, as the first drips of what promises to be a small monsoon start to fall, another solid hit, and this one doesn’t seem to have the will to fight — good thing, too, because neither do we. But our desire to put this trip in the ‘win’ column wins out over our fear of getting wet and the steelhead’s determination to be anything other than our dinner.

Victory is sweet.

Middle Fork of the Salmon Drift Boat Fishing

January 21st, 2011

MFRE just purchased two 16 foot Hog Island Mckenzie Drift boats to use this summer.  These boats have large padded casting braces on the bow and stern.  This makes for some amazing fishing.  These boats are also indestructable, made of HDPE plastic in a process called Roto- Molding.  There is a You Tube video about chainsawing one in half and it still floats with three fisherman floating in a lake!  Amazing.  The stern has a large captains chair fishing seat and the bow has a 125 qt padded cooler to sit on.

Come Join us this summer on the Middle Fork of the Salmon in style with these new drift boat options.

Fish on!

Yours for rivers, James

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