Middle Fork River Expeditions

Experience an adventure of a lifetime with Middle Fork River Expeditions

April 19th, 2013

Experience an adventure of a lifetime with Middle Fork River Expeditions

Summary: The following press release provides information about the best outfitter in Idaho that will make your vacation exciting with wild river rafting service.

Many people love to spend their vacations in the outdoors. There are many different trips and adventures you can take where you can hone in on your outdoor skills. But, rafting is considered to be one of the best experiences. There are many locations you can choose for rafting, but the Idaho River is one of the best locations where you can escape and enjoy the outdoors.

Spend time with friends, family and colleagues on a rafting vacation where each of you can participate in an exciting adventure. There are several outfitters, but if you want the best experience where you can learn all there is about river rafting, then Middle Fork River Expeditions is the best stop for you.

We are one of the leading outfitters in Idaho that offers a high standard of river rafting trips. It’s a trip to remember with us because you get to experience the river and gain a few skills along the way. Our professionals have more than 10 years of experience on the rivers so you can rest assure that you are safe. Our guides are First Aid and Swiftwater Rescue V Certified. They are also licensed by the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board.

Our rafting salmon river guides are experienced in leading groups on expeditions and will provide wilderness emergency training. You can choose from 4, 6 or 10 day whitewater rafting and fly fishing adventures. You will also experience rafting on gin-clear water through canyons that are deeper than the Grand Canyon.

Our middle fork rafting professionals excel in providing customized educational opportunities to agencies throughout the world. We will take pro-active steps and you will have more river craft options than any other outfitter which generally includes fly fishing drift boats, wooden cories, oar-powered rafts, inflatable kayaks, paddle boats & stand up paddles.

Whether you are looking to take a vacation or start a career, our Middle Fork of the Salmon River professionals will provide you with the most instrumental experiences that will help you to shape your skills. We will provide you with everything including tents, sleeping bags, 2 pads, pillow, dry bags, wetsuits and splash gear. You will only have to bring your personal items.

To check out what our guides have to offer plus the different expeditions available, go to www.idahorivers.com. We are there to answer all of your questions.

Dory Fishing on the Main Salmon

Dory Fishing on the Main Salmon

Experience the best of Middle Fork Salmon River rafting with experienced guides!

April 18th, 2013

Experience the best of Middle Fork Salmon River rafting with experienced guides!

Summary- The following article is about a licensed and bonded outfitter in Idaho that runs river rafting trips in the Middle Fork & Main Salmon Rivers.
Are you adventurous and love the outdoors? If so, then you must try river rafting in Idaho! Of course such a daring and exciting activity should only be done with the help of experts if you are going river rafting for the first time. It can be quite dangerous to take on river rapids if you are new to rafting. Experts always recommend starting out with experienced professionals who will not only guide you, but will treat you as a friend as well.
Choose Middle Fork River Expeditions for an adventure of a lifetime. What makes this outfitter one of a kind? It is their passion, experience and vast knowledge of the Middle Fork & Main Salmon Rivers. They have a team of gifted guides who are passionate about leading trips. These guides are not only assisting you on your trip, they are your friends joining you on an amazing journey.
The outfitter has more than 30 years of experience in Middle Fork Idaho. Many guides of MFRE have at least 10 years of experience on the rivers and are Swiftwater Rescue V Certified through Wilderness Rescue International along with First Aid. You can rest assure knowing that you’re in good hands because their professionals are all licensed by the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board.
Here are a few exciting parts of Middle Fork salmon river rafting that you will enjoy:
1. See free-flowing and crystal-clear rivers, a starlit sky and abundant wildlife
2. Hear crackling campfires, cascading whitewater
3. Smell fragrant sage and pine, fresh mountain air and the aroma of Dutch oven cooking
4. Taste mouthwatering, fresh and plentiful food prepared for your satisfaction
5. Feel the refreshing river that lulls you to sleep, the beauty of the largest wilderness area in the U.S. and experience a river-side shot hot spring shower
Whether you are planning for a trip with a group of friends or family rafting vacations, their services are open to all! You can choose from 4, 6 or 10 days of fly fishing adventures and whitewater rafting. You will be supplied with all the essential amenities such as tents, 2 pads, dry bags, splash gear, sleeping bag, pillow and wetsuits as well. With their lodge to lodge dory trips available on the Main Salmon River, you can safely enjoy and enhance your vacation.
The company is permitted to run on the Salmon Challis National Forest under a special use permit. To learn more you can fill out a reservation form on their website, www.idahorivers.com. Their experts are there to take you on an adventure of a lifetime.

Yours for rivers, Ellsworth

Family Adventure Travel on the Middle Fork Salmon RIver in Idaho

The River Company

April 17th, 2013

Canyons River Company is one of the few Middle Fork outfitters based out of beautiful McCall, Idaho. Canyons was founded in 1985 by white water legend, Les Bechdel, and in 2010 the outfit was passed on to Greg Mcfadden, a long time Canyons boatman. Bechdel’s history of first descents, international kayaking championships, and publications about river safety, has shaped Canyons River Company into one of the industry’s most trusted  destination kayaking outfitters. Aside from sharing all the magic that the Frank Church Wilderness and Middle Fork has to offer, Canyons guides are known for their paddling expertise.

Along with Middle Fork River Expeditions, Canyons River Company is one of the few Idaho outfitters offering an extended 11-12 day Middle / Main Salmon River combo trip; a great experience for those who need the full Salmon River corridor meal deal. If you can’t make it onto one of MFRE’s launch dates, Canyons River Company is an exceptional alternative.

See you in the Middle,


Far and Away Adventures

March 23rd, 2013

Far and Away Adventures, a Middle Fork outfitter based out of the Wood River Valley, has created their own commercial river trip philosophy. “Glamping”, (glamor camping) is the niche that they intend to fill; Far and Away Adventures is the only Middle Fork outfitter that utilizes two gear sweeps for hauling their five star hotel down the river. Not only does Far and Away Adventures expose their guests to all of the magic and excitement that the Frank Church Wilderness has to offer, they do it with fresh linens every night, crystal stem wear and everything short of mints on the pillow. If your looking for a “glamping” experience on the Middle Fork, and just cant seem to find a seat on one of MFRE’s boats, call Far and Away Adventures for a one of a kind river trip.

See you in the Middle,


Adventure Sun Valley

March 18th, 2013

Adventure Sun Valley is a Middle Fork outfitter who has been operating in the Frank Church for over 20 years viagra au quebec. Owner and outfitter, Brad Frei, offers a wonderful trip through the corridor, rivaling with other companies offering the upper end of “pampered camping” experiences. Guests who float with Adventure Sun Valley enjoy all the beauty and excitement of the Middle Fork, plus some luxury perks. Like most Middle Fork outfitters, Adventure Sun Valley Customizes a variety of trips for folks with specific desires; fly fishing, hiking, hot springing, row your own raft, you name it, Adventure Sun Valley is waiting to make your trip a memorable one.

If for Some reason you and your family can’t find your way onto an MFRE trip, Adventure Sun Valley is a great alternative. Adventure Sun Valley will go the extra mile to ensure your comfort and pleasure.

See you in the Middle,


Adventure Guides

March 15th, 2013

“Because everyone needs a little adventure in their life.” Adventure Guides, also a Lower Stanley based company, is a great choice for those interested in a “luxury adventure experience in the wilderness”. Adventure Guides is run mostly by Idaho locals who hail from Twin Falls and surrounding areas. Owner, outfitter and guide, Dirk Gibson, spent many years guiding on the Middle Fork before starting his own company. Rumor has it, he used to run MFRE’s sweep back in the day. Adventure Guides is a first class outfit. They focus on keeping folks cozy, while opening the door to all the excitement and adventure that the river has to offer. Rafting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, you name it-just say the word and Adventure Guides will have a custom trip that suits your desires.

On top of it all, Adventure Guides is the only outfit on the river offering a hike in fly fishing trip down Big Creek, to the confluence with the Middle Fork; a great option for those who need a little variation in their wilderness experience. If your plans don’t match with an MFRE launch, you can count on Dirk and his Adventure Guides for a memorable time on the water.

See you in the Middle… Sparrow

Middle Fork Rapid Transit

March 14th, 2013

Middle Fork Rapid Transit is a great family run outfit based out of lower Stanley, Idaho. Middle Fork Rapid Transit trips feature a variety of activity while in the river corridor, offering white water rafting, fishing, hiking, hot springs, historical and natural interpretation of the region, and all around family fun. Middle Fork Rapid Transit offers inflatable kayaks for folks that need a little excitement in their day, or guests can just relax on the raft while a professionally licensed guide rows you down the river. A day spent on the paddle raft is also a great option for those who enjoy a team building or family bonding experience. While floating down the river with Middle Fork Rapid Transit it’s not rare to see bear and big horn sheep along the river’s edge. At camp, guests can partake in extraordinary culinary delight prepared on the open fire and in Dutch ovens.

Middle Fork Rapid Transit has been operating in the Salmon River corridor since 1980. Over the years, each of the four Porter Family sons helped make Middle Fork Rapid Transit a highly respected and successful outfitter. The guides at Middle Fork Rapid Transit are veteran river runners, some who have been guiding on the Middle Fork for over 20 years. If for some reason an MFRE launch date doesn’t correspond with you and your family’s plans, give the Porter Family a call; they’ll take good care of you.

See you in the Middle,


Mountain Travel Sobek

March 13th, 2013

The Egyptian God Sobek was believed to control the waters of the Nile River. He was depicted as a man with the head of a crocodile, and was worshiped to ensure fertility for crops and mankind. The waters of the Nile were filled with crocodiles and feared by most, so it made sense to appease them through the worship of their leader. According to legend, Sobek was a fourfold deity representing the four elemental gods: Rha of fire, Shu of air, Geb of earth and Osiris of water.

During the early 70’s, John Yost and Richard Bangs co-founded Sobek Expeditions, the first multinational rafting business. The name most likely came from the close encounters with crocs they experienced while running exploratory trips on the Nile and Zambezi in Africa. Sobek would later be recognized as the leader in commercial exploratory rafting adventures around the globe; claiming to have bagged around 35 international first descents including the Bio Bio in Chile, and the Yangze in China.

In the early 1990’s, Sobek merged with Mt. Travel to become Mountain Travel Sobek, still recognized as a leader in international adventure and eco-travel. Mt. Travel Sobek has expanded their focus away from solely running river trips, to offer an array of sea kayaking, trekking, and other cultural experiences. It makes perfect sense that a company like Mt. Travel Sobek would be savvy to the world’s most renowned rivers, explaining why they offer trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon. In 1999, Mt Travel Sobek started operating in the Frank Church Wilderness, and continues to run quality wilderness river trips through the Middle Fork corridor. Rest assured your in good hands with Sobek if MFRE’s launch dates don’t correspond with your plans; these guys have been outfitting this class of adventure longer than most.



March 11th, 2013

If there is one legacy that is remembered and kept alive on the Middle Fork of the Salmon, it is that of the Helfrich family. Back in 1925, Prince Helfrich and his canyon comrades were the first to run a commercial trip down the Middle Fork. Helfrich launched their fleet of Mckenzie River drift boats at the head waters in Bear Valley Creek. After rowing 20 miles of technical whitewater, the boys would spend a long day portaging their wooden boats around Dagger Falls. At the time, they probably had no idea they were starting a legacy for what would later be remembered as the premiere wilderness river trip in the lower 48. Helfrich and company had many intentions while embarking on this daunting endeavor, and catching fish came first and foremost.

The Helfrich legacy has been passed down through four generations on the Middle Fork of the Salmon, and is owner and outfitter to three commercial launches separately run by different family members. Helfrich continues to offer exclusive fly fishing trips run only by the most skilled drift boat guides, many who still choose to run traditional Mckenzie wood boats. Planning a trip with Helfrich is a great idea if your plans don’t match with MFRE, and your looking for a first class fly fishing trip on the Middle Fork.

Join MFRE on the Middle Fork for the fly fishing experience of a lifetime. Drift Boat fishing the corridor in September is a time when the Cutthroat are consistent and boats on the water are scarce. MFRE is one of the few outfitters offering guided drift boat fly fishing trips on the Middle Fork this late in the year.
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ROW Adventures

March 9th, 2013

ROW adventures, based out of CeurD’Alene, claims to run more Idaho rivers than any other outfitter; their trip on the Lochsa being a favorite for many. ROW Adventures actualy has a lodge in Syringa, right on the Clearwater river, where they base their Lochsa trips out of. The Clearwater drainage is known as the farthest inland temperate rain forest in the lower 48; red cedars crowded with ferns and moss line the river banks, and the river runs solely from spring runnoff, not unlike the Middle Fork of the Salmon.

ROW Adventures runs a great trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon; their focus is aimed toward sharing the magic of the Frank Church Wilderness with families looking to get away for a week in nature. The guides at ROW Adventures are well rounded and skilled, as they often times will rotate around to all the rivers that ROW runs in Idaho and Montana.

Taking a trip with ROW Adventurest on the Middle Fork is a great option if our launch dates at Middle Fork River Expeditions don’t correspond with you and your family’s time frame. Give us a shout to find out all of the great options MFRE has to offer.

see you in the Middle,


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